Grace Cat Food

No Corn, Wheat, Soy, GMO

100% Human Grade

Just add water

Made in USA

Made with Dehydrated Whole Foods

No byproducts, preservatives

Grain Free Turkey Cat Food

Grace ®

recipe highlights

• Kitten approved
• High moisture, grain free
• Higher calories, low carbohydrate
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4 lb box: makes 12 lbs
  • 4 lb box
    $56.49 $53.67 makes 12 lbs
  • 2 lb box
    $29.99 $28.97 makes 6 lbs
  • 6 x 4 lb boxes
    $328.94 $312.49 save $10
  • 1 oz sample
    $1.00 $0.95 Out of Stock
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Product Description Dished up with 70% cage-free turkey, this healthy cat food is high in moisture and natural goodness. An AAFCO complete recipe, it’s a less processed, whole food alternative to canned food. Why buy someone else’s canned water when you can just add your own?
Ideal for cats & kittens of all breeds and sizes

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All ingredients dehydrated: Turkey, eggs, pumpkin, potatoes, parsley, chard, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, thiamine mononitrate.

All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility. They are non genetically modified and free of any chemicals & preservatives. All meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

Calories per Dry Cup 629
% Protein 38.5
% Fat 34.5
% Fiber 2.5
% Moisture 4.5

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Unfortunately neither of my cats will eat this. I tried adding a little with their regular food and they ate around it the first time, now ignore both types of food and give me disparaging looks when I put the bowl down. We've tried more/less water to change the consistency. We've been dealing with stomach issues, so I had really hoped this would be the answer.
This stuff is amazing! We use it to supplement over canned food for our two cats and they are flourishing as a result! Both kitties adore it and I feel great knowing that a.) they are eating wholesome food with out any junk in it, b.) I am adding to their fluid intake naturally (and thereby increasing their health that way too), and c.) I am giving them top-quality nutrition in a way that they find delicious (and I think it smells good too, actually)! Overall, such a wonderful decision and so glad that I stumbled upon it--I cannot imagine ever not having "Grace" be a part of our mealtimes going forward!
Best food to give for there health and vitality of long healthy life it has kitties begging for more
Our cat, Rocky, about a month and a half ago, started losing weight. I wasn't sure I was seeing right so I asked a friend if she thought he was looking like he lost weight. she agreed...yes, she thought he was looking thinner. So I weighed him. Now, he used to be 16 lbs. And....he really should have been only, like, 10-11 lbs. so I knew he was overweight and I had been thinking of getting Honest Kitchen. I knew he liked it as I had gotten the trial pack and he ate that with gusto. So.....I bought him a box and kept putting off starting him on it until I noticed he was scratching...alot. We didn't have fleas so what was the problem? It kept up and he actually had outbreaks on his skin.
I mentioned to my husband that Rocky looked like he was losing weight and I found, when I weighed him, he had actually lost 5 lbs.! He looked great, though! But itch....OH MY!!! and my husband said that was probably because he wasn't eating. What???? My husband does the feeding of the indoor and 3 I had no idea he was not eating. My hubby said Rocky had not been eating very well ever since the food he buys had changed their ingredients. I said well....that could be why 1) he is losing weight (duh!!) and 2) he is itching!!! Perhaps this new formula does not agree with him! So...I decided to change him to Honest Kitchen. I knew the kibble was bad and had changed our dog to raw with Honest Kitchen (without protein) but kept putting off changing Rocky to it. took about a week but the itching was slowly coming to an end. And....Rocky was looking better since he had lost the weight (wasn't the healthiest way to lose it, though!) He is feeling great now ....looking great with a shiny coat and alot less shedding. Actually his coat looks absolutely wonderful! I wish I had changed him back when I changed (2 yrs ago) the dog to raw + HK without protein (since she gets raw meat every day). Rocky runs around like a 15 year old kitten!!! So glad the 15 years of kibble didn't kill him!!!
I have used THK on & off for the last few years. I have liked the results but I ended up making the switch to frozen raw because of one of my cat's weight & the other one's limited diet (due to seizures). One of my fosters is currently eating the Grace & loving it. But his coat is more dried out then on frozen raw. I believe it's the starch from the white potato. I hope to see more cat options in the future because I am loving most of the new options coming out on the dog side.
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